Saturday, December 2, 2023

Richard C. Owens: 2019 may have been a new dawn for hope and revolution

Good things: The middle and working classes are standing up not only against dictators but, closer to home, against the left, too

Good things from 2019? Really? After all, we are in the shadow of a Canadian election in which he who actually staged a press event around camping subsidies was re-elected prime minister.

But the weak-minded policies of our federal government will pass. On a grander scale there is much to be grateful for. Hope and revolution are in the air. From Hong Kong to Iran to Iraq to Sudan to Lebanon, people are standing up to exploitative and repressive governments. They are standing up for freedom and dignity and prosperity and education and garbage collection over militaristic expansion and terrorism and sectarianism and Jew-hatred. How can governments stifle these movements? They are not flashes in the pan but inevitable products of cosmopolitan modernity and new communications technologies. And to the extent these movements succeed they will also help stem the currently unmanageable migration flows from these countries.

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