Monday, October 2, 2023

Friends of Science Event: “Freedom of Speech! NO Climate Emergency!”

As climate dogma increases, your freedoms are lost, your kids are scared. Debunk it! Join us April 6th – Order tickets by March 27, 2020

About this Event

Friends of Science 17th Annual Event

“Freedom of Speech! NO Climate Emergency!”

We are pleased to announce an enlightening climate policy and science evening featuring two excellent speakers.

Donna Laframboise – Investigative Journalist:

“Climate Activists Want Your Freedom”

In the name of saving the planet, activists are shutting down free speech. They’re getting people fired. They’re poking their nose into every corner of your life. Freedom is going extinct, one climate measure at a time.

Dr. Roy W. Spencer – Principal Research Scientist:

“10 Reasons Why there is No Climate Emergency”

The current claims of a “climate emergency” are shown to be gross exaggerations. Recent warming of the climate system has been modest and benign, and at the low end of the warming predicted by the computerized climate model projections used to guide changes in national energy policy. Climate model projections of human-caused climate change are based upon the assumption that climate does not change naturally, and so represent an example of circular reasoning. From sea level rise to wildfires to severe weather, there has been little to no change observed which is outside the realm of natural variation. Thus, the “climate emergency” claims are not based upon science.

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