Monday, October 2, 2023

Rex Murphy: Ezra Levant wrote a book critical of the Liberals. Now he’s being investigated

The absolute gist of the situation has only three elements. Mr. Levant wrote a book critical of the Liberal government. He advertised it via billboard and lawn signs. (For the unwary, it is a feature of publishing a book that it be advertised, and, surprisingly, even a book criticizing a government.) The Elections Commissioner wrote to him that he thereby “contravened the (Canada Elections) Act … having incurred over $500 on elections advertising expenses.”

So he’s summoned, under threat of penalty, to come to the Commissioner’s office and explain himself to two of its investigators, to tell why he did not “register” his book. Many thoughts occur. Here are a couple.

Can anybody give the name of any other book, ever, which has been the subject of an investigation by the Commissioner of Canada Elections?

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