Saturday, September 23, 2023

Gladu pledges to review ‘biased’ CBC’s mandate, will scrap Trudeau’s media bailout

Conservative Leadership candidate Marilyn Gladu has pledged to review the CBC’s mandate if she were to become prime minister, calling the public broadcaster’s coverage of the election biased.

“Increasingly, with people being able to stream content, [Canadians] are choosing what they want to watch and we have to let them have their choice, and the CBC mandate should be reviewed,” said Gladu in an interview with The Post Millennial.

Gladu’s pledge to review the CBC’s mandate comes after what the leadership candidate and many Conservatives believe was biased election coverage from the public broadcaster in favour of the Liberal Party of Canada.

“I do think that that is what I saw in the election when I watched the content that was being played. So I think if its taxpayer dollars, it should be non-partisan, objective reporting,” Gladu explained.

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