Saturday, December 2, 2023

Conservatives raised the most money in 2019 election, but lost their edge in final stretch

In the last 2 weeks of the campaign, both the Liberals and NDP raised more money than the Conservatives

By the last two weeks of the campaign, the Conservatives had lost their fundraising advantage, raising less than both the Liberals and the New Democrats. In Week 5, following the English language debate (which, according to some polls, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh won) the New Democrats raised the most — an estimated $710,000, against $630,000 for the Liberals, $520,000 for the Conservatives and just $300,000 for the Greens.

The NDP slipped back into third place by the last week of the campaign but was keeping pace with the Conservatives. The Liberals raised the most money in the last week: about $810,000 to $570,000 for the Conservatives and $500,000 for the NDP.

The patterns follow much of the narrative of the campaign: a generally close race between the Liberals and Conservatives that tilted toward the Liberals by the end, and an NDP that was vying with the Greens for third place at the outset before experiencing a late boost in support.

It’s possible that the Conservatives tapped most of their donors at the beginning of the campaign, and that by the end those supporters had no more to give. Over the entire six weeks of the campaign, the Conservatives did raise the most money, taking in an estimated $5.7 million. The Liberals finished second with $4.8 million, followed by the NDP at $2.9 million and the Greens at $2.2 million.

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