Monday, October 2, 2023

MULCAIR: Trudeau is afraid to challenge Bill 21

We’ve learned in the years that he has been prime minister that Mr. Trudeau often has the right words on major issues. But whether it’s his promise to respect the Paris accord, to change the first-past-the-post electoral system, to balance the books in his first term or, in this case, to defend and protect religious freedoms, Trudeau’s words often speak louder than his actions.

Standing right behind Trudeau that night was François Legault who, the next year, would go on to become Quebec premier. If it can be fairly said that Trudeau has failed to defend the freedoms of religious minorities in Quebec, Legault has actively worked to undermine them.

The result is the same: Muslims, in particular, are being targeted by discriminatory legislation and the federal Liberals won’t lift a finger to stop it, despite the brave words. Legault is too popular and Trudeau is afraid to challenge Bill 21.

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