Saturday, September 23, 2023

Charles Lewis: Social conservatives have a role to play

Social conservatives in this country are in trouble, as we are seen as yokels with nothing to offer but grunting reactionary views. Just look at what happened to Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer during last fall’s election.

As a Roman Catholic, he holds certain personal views — on marriage, abortion, euthanasia — that offend so-called Canadian values. He promised never to put those views into public policy, but no matter how many times he made that promise, his leftist critics said his faith made him untrustworthy.

As the Conservative party searches for a new leader, I think there is a way that social conservatives can get back into the political picture. It is something that’s worth doing, as a Conservative party without a social conservative agenda is just another Liberal party.

There are several issues in which social conservatives can make a positive contribution that will not only please those with orthodox religious views, but all those seeking a decent society — particularly in the areas of abortion and euthanasia.

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