Sunday, December 10, 2023

Only 40 percent of Canadians believe Canada is on right path with Trudeau as PM: Poll

Four in 10 Canadians believe the country is on the right track with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau leading the nation—the lowest percentage ever recorded in the annual poll.

In a poll conducted by Nanos Research titled The Mood of Canada, the Institute for Research on Public Policy reveals that Trudeau’s approval rating has slid with each passing year the Liberals have been in power.

The last poll, conducted for The Globe and Mail between Dec. 22 to Dec. 29 2019, found that only 27 percent of Canadians believe the Trudeau Liberals were “very or somewhat good.” Additionally, 27 percent said it was average, while 44 percent said it was “very or somewhat poor.”

The numbers are a significant slide for Trudeau, who upon his election in 2015 had a sizable 60 percent “very or somewhat good” score, while 13 percent believed it was average, and only 23 percent said it was “very or somewhat poor.”

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