Monday, October 2, 2023

Canadians increasingly negative on government’s performance: 13-year Nanos study

Canadians have been increasingly critical of the federal government’s performance since 2015, with an all-time low in the number who think the feds are doing a good job, according to a Nanos Research study that began tracking the “Mood of Canada” 13 years ago.

When asked, at the end of 2019, how they would describe the performance of the current federal government led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, 25 per cent of Canadians said “very poor” and 19 per cent said “somewhat poor”.

Meanwhile, six per cent said the government’s performance was “very good” and 21 per cent said “somewhat good.” Twenty-seven per cent replied “average.”

Nanos Research conducted the 13-year tracking study in conjunction with the Institute for Research on Public Policy. Pollster Nik Nanos said the latest approval rating numbers show the “significant amount of hope for the Liberals at the beginning of their mandate” has since been cut in half.

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