Tuesday, January 31, 2023

John Weston: Conservative Party desperately needs a value proposition

The Conservative Party of Canada desperately needs a value proposition that distinguishes itself. Contenders in the current leadership race will otherwise doom the party to continuing decay as a refuge for backward-looking traditionalists with nothing to offer new generations.

Let me offer a new, clear purpose and definition of who we are as Canadian Conservatives: “We promote the strength of the individual and the right of equal opportunity for all to achieve our objectives in life. We recognize that we all bear responsibility to give back to our community more than we receive. We believe that individual excellence and community responsibility together foster a sustainable society.”

On the economy: I would initiate a sweeping review to simplify the Tax Act. I would consider raising the GST while cutting personal income tax for the first $100,000 of income. We would shift the tax burden to wealthier Canadians who consume more non-essential goods and services, and make housing and other daily costs more affordable for young people, the middle-class, and low-income earners. A cut in corporate taxes could make us more competitive, encourage investment, and bolster government revenue.

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