Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Huawei More Costly Than Telus Thinks

The same Jean Chrétien who, by sheer coincidence, has made a very comfortable living out of his post-political connections with China as counsel with Dentons LLP, which Glavin calls “the public face of the Chinese corporate law conglomerate otherwise known as Beijing Dacheng.” And did I mention that Manley is also on the board of Telus? His Wikipedia biography doesn’t.

Do such connections compromise a person? Perish the thought. Although in urging the government to bend the rule of law over Meng Wanzhou to make a “prisoner exchange,” Manley told CBC radio, “I think it was a good opportunity for a little bit of creative incompetence on the part of Canadian authorities and somehow just miss her.” The sort of approach they understand in a certain foreign capital.

So there you have it. Lots and lots of rope. Former Chrétien defence minister John McCallum, while ambassador to Beijing, went about publicly advising Chinese-language journalists in Canada on the legal argument Ms. Meng should use to fight extradition. Trudeau had to fire him for the latter, though he refused to draw any connection, and called McCallum “an inspiration to Canadians and an example to the world.”

Yes. But an example of what? Trudeau referred specifically to his work in bringing Syrian refugees to Canada. But also surely of a certain hard and lucrative worldliness. McCallum, after all, was promptly snapped up by Toronto-based McMillan LLP, who crowed about his “unparalleled experience in building mutually beneficial Sino-Canadian connections,” saying, “Especially in this time of a challenged Sino-Canadian relationship, we look forward to John assisting our Canadian clients doing business in China and working with the business community to foster business-to-business contacts leading to opportunities in both China and Canada.” And McCallum’s message? “[N]ow is the time to engage with China.”

Choo choo goes the gravy train. Don’t miss it. Just remember that he who sups with the devil needs a long spoon. Nortel forgot. And Ottawa is trying hard to do the same.

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