Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Taxpayers on hook for PM’s travel on trips that included campaign-style events

Canadian taxpayers have been stuck with the bill for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s travel by military aircraft, even when that travel combines official government business with Liberal party events, a CTV News Investigation reveals.

The investigation, in connection with Bob Mackin of theBreaker.news, examined the prime minister’s seven trips to British Columbia between May and August of 2019, and focused on a two-day trip in late May, and another in late August.

In both cases, while the trips combined official government announcements and either Liberal party fundraisers or the production of a Liberal party campaign video aired during the election period, the Liberal Party of Canada did not reimburse the equivalent cost of the prime minister’s air travel, or a portion of it, as has become standard practice when the prime minister, for example, takes his family on vacation.

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