Thursday, February 2, 2023

Canada Strong and Free Networking Conference 2021

“Build Back Better” is a well-worn catchphrase for governments stylizing post-COVID-19 recovery plans. To be sure, we face challenges, but left unchecked, the mountain of debts, encroachment on civil liberties, misallocated and rationed services, and interventionist policies are steering us down a path far from “better.”

The Canada Strong and Free Network is hosting a discussion around policy prescriptions to Build Back Right, by unleashing entrepreneurship and the market, minimizing regulations, prioritizing spending, providing choice and above all allowing ideas to flourish.

Join us online Saturday April 10, 2021 for the Canada Strong and Free Networking Conference – as we feature an interactive discussion with top speakers from Canada and abroad. Formerly the Manning Networking Conference, the conference is now in its 13th year and represents the largest national gathering of small “c” and large “C” conservatives in support of limited government, free enterprise, and personal responsibility.

More details and register at link…

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