Monday, January 30, 2023

5 ways Amazon monitors its employees, from AI cameras to hiring a spy agency

From Business Insider

  • Amazon has come under fire for some workplace practices in the past and amid a recent union effort.
  • We’ve rounded up all the tactics the company uses to track employees and contractors.
  • One of the factors driving pro-union sentiment, workers say, is a feeling of being watched by Amazon.

For some European warehouse workers, the Pinkerton Spy Agency has gotten involved

Motherboard reported in November 2020 that leaked documents showed that Amazon had worked with the Pinkerton Spy Agency, famous for its anti-union efforts, to spy on warehouse workers across Europe. And in December 2020, Insider reported that operatives from Pinkerton had infiltrated a private strike in Barcelona, drawing up a report on the workers and journalists in attendance. Amazon responded to Insider’s reporting on the Barcelona strike, saying “any activity we undertake is fully in line with local laws and conducted with the full knowledge and support of local authorities.”

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