Sunday, December 10, 2023

Lantsman: For Trudeau, There Are Only Canadians Who Agree With Him—and Nazis

By Melisssa Lantsman, Member of Parliament for Thornhill

To Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, there are only two kinds of people in our country: People who agree with him—and people who support Nazis.

This is one of the takeaways of the Freedom Convoy, a mass protest of Canadian truckers who gathered in Ottawa to oppose Trudeau’s vaccine mandate. The protest was brought to an abrupt halt last week after the Prime Minister invoked the Emergencies Act and used its powers to arrest the protestors and freeze their bank accounts.

Trudeau has since revoked the Emergencies Act. Yet even before his power grab, when members of the official opposition party in the House of Commons, myself included, objected and asked why the Prime Minister thought that granting himself and his government emergency powers was the appropriate way to respond to protests, he accused us of supporting Nazis.

“Conservative party members can stand with people who wave swastikas,” Trudeau replied. “They can stand with people who wave the Confederate flag.”

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