March 8th,2020

March 8th,2020

Conservative leadership contenders want a fall election. Is that really what Canadians want?

John Robson: The CPC has social liberals. It’s fiscal conservatives they need

Should the Agency that collects your taxes also be responsible for preparing them?

Wilfrid Laurier engages in sex discrimination through inclusion efforts 

Quebec moms fight back against Canadian school-enforced Islamic expression 

Greenpeace should compensate Inuit for effects of anti-sealing campaign, says activist

Assistance fighting coronavirus won’t improve relations: Chinese ambassador

China activist who called Xi clueless on coronavirus faces years in jail for ‘subversion’

46 STATEMENTS By IPCC Experts Against The IPCC

Twitter suspends NY Post writer after he exposes Carlos Maza’s riches and hypocrisy 

No matter what you think of Woody Allen, censorship is wrong

UK: Underage Girl Used Like ‘Piece of Meat’ By ‘Asian’ Grooming Gang

March 7th, 2020

John Ivison: Story of bureaucrats foiling couples’ effort to adopt girl makes you mad as hell

Quebec’s public-sector employees were paid 9.2 per cent higher wages than comparable private-sector workers in 2018

Manitoba Attorney General rejects “ineffective” handgun ban

Data Dive with Nik Nanos: Making sense of Canada’s joyless democracy

Majority of Canadians agree abortion for sex selection is wrong 

I’ve Been Fired. If You Value Academic Freedom, That Should Worry You

Alarming report finds more than 50 countries increased restrictions on women’s economic rights from 2016 to 2018

Chinese ambassador accuses western media of “fake news” for covering human rights abuses

March 6th, 2020

March 6th, 2020

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney endorses Erin O’Toole for Conservative leader, takes shot at Peter MacKay

A race suddenly breaks out for the Conservative leadership

The Conservative conundrum: How does a deeply western party sell itself to eastern voters?

March 5th, 2020

March 5th, 2020

John Ivison: Liberals about to find out why open-ended deficit spending is so dangerous

Chris Selley: Most Canadians believe Canada is broken and that’s nothing to sneer at

Trudeau disappoints, new polls show

RCMP denied using facial recognition technology – then said it had been using it for months

Conservatives slam Liberals for trying to legalize meth, heroin and crack cocaine

Ontario To Provide Free Therapy For People With Anxiety Or Depression

Conservative MP Michael Chong URGES Canadians to reject Trudeau’s attack on free speech

FUREY: Remember when the Left politicized the coronavirus? We do!

Health Minister says coronavirus border screening unnecessary

Why is the CBC strangling print media?

Energy sector advocate wonders ‘who’s pulling the strings’ in opposing oil and gas projects in Canada

Greenpeace paying $70K salary for campaigner to “scandalize” fossil fuel industry

Women often choose “women’s work” 

The stay-at-home mom versus the working mom: An increasingly useless divide?

Former UN executive encourages civil disobedience over climate change

Toronto’s illegal border crossers costing taxpayers $77 million a year

Triggered: Liberal Journos Finally Realize Facebook Fact-Checking Can Be Used Against Them

Teen testifies against transition 

British ColumbiaBC exports fall $30 million a day due to anti-pipeline blockades, cargo may be diverted permanently

March 3rd, 2020

March 3rd, 2020

Vaughn Palmer: By the time the public learns what Fraser signed, it may be too late to do otherwise

7 oil and gas companies that Trudeau has driven out of Canada

BAMFORD: An anti-resource agenda played out before our eyes

HYPOCRISY: Alberta couple given tickets for walking on CN land while blockaders get free pass 

DROVER: MacKay must follow Harper’s lead on conscience voting rights – not Trudeau’s

MacKay, O’Toole, Gladu all vow to force an election if they win the Conservative leadership

Federal government and Alberta going to Supreme Court over carbon tax

Twitter Suspends Rapper for Saying ‘Ok Dude’ to Transgender. Threats of Violence Against Women? Not So Much.

Amazing NASA images show how pollution has CLEARED over China as coronavirus crisis has kept everyone indoors

China Still Forcibly Harvesting Organs for Transplantation, Independent Tribunal Finds

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