Monday, October 2, 2023

Poilievre Must Be Unleashed

The Andrew Scheer I came to know during the leadership race was not the same Andrew Scheer on the campaign trail. Conservative handlers and strategists have played too much of a role in controlling the script and directing the leader’s message. Scheer’s wit and personality were mostly suppressed in favour of having a controlled, contrived and watered down message. Now, with him gone and a new leader set to take over, the party has a chance to learn from its mistakes. Grassroots conservatives and party members want someone who will call out the media, ruthlessly attack Liberal failures and not bend to the whims of partisan journalists. That someone is Pierre Poilievre.

It’s up to Pierre Polievre to take full control of the ship if he wins the leadership. That means getting rid of the strategists and goons who helped Stephen Harper and Andrew Scheer lose to a part-time drama teacher.

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