Saturday, September 23, 2023

What Should Social Conservatives Do?

Social Conservatives in Canada are an extreme minority. There’s a small subsection of intelligent (and likely) activist groups that understand socially conservative positions and issues and knowingly agree with that point-of-view. They’ll cite classic works of great thinkers throughout antiquity and draw parallels to times of decline or collapse with the madness of our own. They’ll be able to dominate specific debates like abortion, but be completely ineffective at changing the cultural zeitgeist. They likely go to church and are university educated and are probably working on writing their book that they secretly hope will “WAKE PEOPLE UP,” but it won’t.

There’s another, larger group, that simply has social conservative tendencies, but they can’t identify or articulate what they think or believe. These are the non-self-examined types that have an aversion to abortion, but don’t really know why. They instinctively recoil from cross-dressing transsexuals, but don’t give it much thought. They think criminals aren’t punished severely enough for crimes committed, but still respect our legal system overall. They don’t really believe in gay marriage, but they don’t say so. They secretly feel bad for a single woman who’s pregnant, but they say, “Congratulations!” They hate hearing about a divorce and they probably don’t do drugs and they probably go to church on Easter and Christmas.

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