Monday, October 2, 2023

Mark Carney – UN Climate Czar : Will Changing Global Currency Stop Climate Change?

Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England and former Governor of the Bank of Canada, has been appointed climate envoy to the UN. In October of 2019, he threatened that ‘firms ignoring the climate crisis’ will go bankrupt. He made similar catastrophic claims in a speech to Lloyd’s of London in the fall of 2015, prior to the COP21 Paris Conference. But analyst Steve Kopits of Princeton Energy Advisers, fact-checked his speech and found it to be a ‘failure of analysis.’ (…) Carney had worked for Goldman Sachs in his earlier career, and this company is deeply invested in carbon markets. In August of 2019, according to Wikipedia, Carney gave speeches in which he said the US dollar had a destabilizing effect on the global economy and recommended replacing it with a ‘Synthetic Hegemonic Currency’ – a digital currency like facebook’s proposed “Libra”. Some in the climate community, like George Monbiot, look for a way to use energy instead of money – like a personal quota of carbon credits.… Related to such concepts, some see the “Internet of Things” and “Smart Cities” as a way to be more energy efficient; but could these be a step toward the Orwellian ‘social credit’ system now in play in China? Where ordinary freedoms are lost if you don’t ‘please the state’? This video offers some food for thought on these concepts, pointing out that citizens are not being given a chance to challenge or question these trends. Friends of Science issued a letter to the Ontario Securities Commission on related matters in August of 2017.… and two reports on ‘climate risk reporting’ New Reports Challenge SHARE on Climate Change Risk and ‘Denial’ for Pension Fund Trustees and Corporate Boards

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