Sunday, September 24, 2023

The Humpty Dumpty Fate of Post-Reagan Consensus

Trump is not a warmonger. Peace through strength works. There isn’t a full-scale trade war with China. A recession is not happening. He doesn’t make racially charged statements. The Democrats can’t parlay the vagaries of Trump’s personality into a factor that negates the strength of his record. And whatever the liberties he takes with the truth in casual statements, he has done exactly what he promised as a candidate and generally, it has all worked. Hence there are declining rates of poverty, income taxes, illegal immigration, and violent crime, no energy imports or lengthy unemployment, and an increasing work force.

The emerging unpleasant secret is that a somewhat gauche, almost iconoclastic outsider has been an extremely effective president. The bipartisan political consensus of the 32 post-Reagan years has been unmasked, debunked, and overthrown. The political establishment will require a long time to reconstruct itself after this re-enactment of the fate of Humpty Dumpty.

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