Friday, June 2, 2023

338Canada: The CPC’s social conservative risk

Philippe J. Fournier: The latest data presents a challenge for the party—does it want a leader with socially conservative views or does it want to win?

Léger poll published earlier this week shows that close to half of Canadians currently have no clue who the next Conservative leader should be. On the question “Which of the following public figures would make the best leader of the Conservative Party of Canada?” 51 per cent (among the poll’s 1,554 respondents) did not know who to pick from a large pool of potential candidates.

Former interim CPC leader Rona Ambrose lead the way with 10 per cent, followed closely by former Prime Minister Stephen Harper with 9 per cent. So far, no surprises. But the next three from the top five were somewhat more puzzling: Peter MacKay at 7 per cent, Jean Charest with 5 per cent, and Toronto Mayor John Tory at 4 per cent.

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