Friday, June 2, 2023

‘Hate Group’ Lawsuit Clears Hurdle, Judeo-Christian Group Warns SPLC ‘Day of Reckoning’ Is Coming

While America was distracted with impeachment and the 2020 Democrats last week, a monumental lawsuit against Orwellian government surveillance cleared a major hurdle in a Michigan district court. The case American Freedom Law Center (AFLC) v. Nessel involves the defense of free speech against government surveillance based on the far-left smear factory the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and its allegedly defamatory “hate group” accusations.

“This is George Orwell, 1984, the thought police, watching over us,” AFLC Co-Founder and Senior Counsel Robert Muise told PJ Media on Tuesday. Michigan Attorney General “Dana Nessel keeping a watchful eye on all these SPLC-designated ‘hate groups’ has a chilling effect on speech and expressive association.”

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