Monday, October 2, 2023

Terry Glavin: The truth about Meng Wanzhou is ugly. And she and Beijing both know it

So it takes quite some cheek for Canada to beg American help and to demand solidarity from Canada’s European allies in standing up to Beijing when our own foreign affairs minister, François-Philippe Champagne, refers to the persecution of Kovrig and Spavor as mere “consular cases” that should not interfere with deepening Canada’s trade relationship with China. And Environment and Climate Change Minister Jonathan Wilkinson is pleased to issue all the requisite permits to the China National Offshore Oil Corporation to drill for oil in the Flemish Pass Basin. And the trade delegations come and go, and Trudeau sends warm wishes to the Chinese Communist Party’s United Front Work Department front groups in Canada as they celebrate 70 years of Communist rule in China, and on and on.

Why would any country stick its neck out for us if we’re not even willing to stick up for ourselves?

And why is it that Huawei and Chrétien and Manley and Goldenberg and the rest of the China lobby aren’t proposing that Meng simply call it a day, dismiss her lawyers, and have her chauffeur drive her to the Peace Arch crossing so she can turn herself in, present herself for trial, and fight the charges against her where they were filed?

A reasonable person would conclude that she won’t because she’s guilty as sin, and she knows it, and Chrétien and Manley and Goldenberg and the rest know it, too.

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