Saturday, September 23, 2023

MP Alex Ruff Says Liberal Gun Ban Won’t Solve The Problem

Bruce Grey Owen Sound MP Alex Ruff says if the Liberal Government is serious about banning so-called ‘military style assault rifles,’ they should be open to debating it in the House of Commons, but he’s concerned the government will do it without debate through an Order In Council.

Ruff says that’s a “bit of a sales pitch” and is meant to appeal to “certain demographics in certain parts of the country.”

He says Canada has some of the most stringent firearms laws in the world and argues the gun crime issue in Canada is more often one of illegal weapons and handguns in urban centres, (not assault rifles).

“They need to go after the gun smuggling, they need to go after the drugs, they need to go after the gangs, they need to go after poverty. That’s where we should be dumping our money, not dumping money into trying to fix a non-existent problem,” says Ruff, who notes the government has not yet done so.

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