Monday, September 25, 2023

Billionaires and Big Pharma Are Bankrolling the Transgender-Industrial Complex

This web of powerful donors helps explain how the transgender movement seemingly captured the commanding heights of American culture overnight. For instance, while endocrinologists (doctors who specialize in hormone glands) like Dr. Michael Laidlaw have warned that transgender “treatments” like so-called puberty-blockers and opposite-sex hormones actually introduce a disease into the bodies of healthy children, the medical establishment has rushed to embrace these “treatments” as “best practices.”

Tragically, the medical establishment arguably benefits from the transgender movement, as transgender ideology creates a demand for expensive hormone “treatments” and surgeries. This may create a perverse cycle entrenching dangerous standards in transgender medicine. While donors like Stryker may have begun this process with the best of intentions, it has arguably become something of an industrial complex, rushing people through experimental “treatments” when they really need therapy to help them accept their biological sex.

While it is good that Americans have become more understanding of LGBT people in recent decades, this rush to embrace transgenderism has been horrifying — and not just to conservatives. Many liberal radical feminists have spoken out against it as well, even in the face of threats to their safety.

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