Monday, September 25, 2023

New Poll Sheds Light on Support Level for Social Values in Canada

On many issues, social conservatives still hold a majority within the Conservative Party support base, survey shows

The Conservative Party is doing some soul-searching as it also searches for its next leader. The party won the popular vote in the last federal election yet finished second in the results. Some blame the social conservatism of leader Andrew Scheer on certain issues for the loss and believe it’s time the party distanced itself from such views.

But a new poll shows that those with social conservative values still account for a considerable portion of Canadians, and on many issues such as abortion hold a majority within the Conservative Party support base.

The Social Values in Canada poll by Angus Reid shows that 49 percent of Canadians are in favour of a law prohibiting abortion during the third trimester of a pregnancy unless the health of the mother is endangered, while 51 percent believe women should have access to legal abortion at anytime while pregnant. Among Conservative Party supporters, 68 percent are against abortion during the third trimester.

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