Monday, July 15, 2024

Right Now: Garnett Genuis – Stop obsessing about winning and focus on the real issues

I hope that, in addition to talking about beating Trudeau, Conservative leadership candidates will actually talk about policy and vision

Our national conversations should focus more on strengthening marriage and family than on debating definitions. Our pluralistic society obviously contains within it different concepts of what marriage and family are. And we can, in a pluralistic society, still contend that family is the cornerstone of a strong society, without prescribing a single template. We can be a pro-family party in a pluralistic society.

If Conservatives want to win, then we can no longer offer a conservative economic vision without a conservative social vision. When the bonds of community and family break down, people usually seek the government’s help addressing needs that were previously addressed by communities and families. The best way to reduce the size of government is to reduce the need for government.

It is time for the Conservative party to dream bigger. Focusing on real issues is a surer path to victory than focusing on “winning.” And, focusing on strengthening society is a surer path to fiscal sanity than any economic policy on its own.

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