Saturday, December 2, 2023

While Falsely Posing As Their Defenders, Politicians Like Justin Trudeau & Jagmeet Singh Have Betrayed Working Class Canadians

By supporting massive immigration increases, elitist politicians are doing the bidding of the largest corporations, while causing severe financial damage to millions of Canadians.

Consider that the US had a net intake of roughly 550,000 people in the last year, while Canada’s net intake was about 420,000.

So, despite our population being just 1/9th of the US, we brought in almost 80% as many people.

Worst of all, nobody voted for this.

Every poll shows a clear majority of Canadians opposing higher immigration levels. In fact, many polls show that support for higher immigration is a fringe position, with between just 10-20% calling for higher levels, while many many more call for lower levels.

And as the massive influx continues, working class Canadians are being hit the hardest.

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