Sunday, December 10, 2023

LILLEY: Trudeau impedes premiers as Ford, Kenney and Moe stump for jobs

Can you imagine being one of the business leaders listening to these premiers, hearing all the things they are doing in their provinces to develop an environment where businesses can create jobs and then you look up and see Trudeau? Carbon tax, his attacks on businesses as tax cheats, the unstable and uncertain business environment.

During a fireside chat that Premier Ford had with the Canadian American Business Council, he spoke about the need businesses have for certainty. He’s right, businesses can put up with bad policy but they need certainty — they need to know the rules.

They don’t have that with the Trudeau Liberals in power.

If the government had to buy a pipeline, and still can’t guarantee it will be built, if they will even consider turning down a $20 billion project like Teck Frontier that will create 7,000 jobs, then what kind of chance does their project have?

Would you build a new manufacturing facility in Canada or would you look stateside as GM recently did? Would you consider any kind of natural resource project given that Trudeau and his cabinet could find a way to interfere and shut it down?

The premiers are doing good work in Washington, it’s too bad Trudeau and his gang just keep getting in the way.

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