Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Canadian Constitution Foundation to proceed with hearing on constitutional challenge in quarantine hotel case

TORONTO: The Ontario Superior Court of Justice has released the decision on the interim injunction in the Canadian Constitution Foundation’s (CCF) case challenging the federal quarantine hotel policy. The interim injunction would have applied to the five applicants in this case and suspended the law until the hearing on the merits of the constitutional challenge. The court dismissed the motion for an interim injunction.

“This was not the result we wanted today, but the court did recognize that the applicants in our challenge have sympathetic stories and that the constitutional questions need to be heard on the merits. The court also acknowledged that the applicants’ section 7 Charter liberty interests are engaged by the quarantine hotel policy,” said CCF Litigation Director, Christine Van Geyn.

The decision is available here.

“We look forward to the hearing on the full constitutional question, and we are proud of the work were are doing assisting these travelers, who need to leave Canada for compassionate reasons. We will seek to expedite the hearing, as these travelers have urgent needs to go and be with their ailing loved ones outside of Canada,” concluded Van Geyn.

The original version of this release can be found here.

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