Monday, January 30, 2023

The Coalition of the Un-Woke

The metastasis of the “woke” ideology is the most comprehensive threat facing the American republic. It is appallingly totalitarian, insofar as the woke wield the levers of cancel culture to suppress all dissident speech, root out all wrongthink and achieve by sheer force an intellectual homogeneity. It is outright racist, insofar as intersectionality and identity politics, to say nothing of vogue concepts such as “critical race theory” and “racial equity,” overtly discriminate on the basis of race and thus undermine the preeminent American ethos of equal protection under the law.

As if out of a dystopian novel, though, the woke ideology has nonetheless become the unifying creed of the American ruling class. That ruling class, which extends from public sector bureaucracies to the Fortune 500 to Hollywood to Silicon Valley and sundry others in between, has in recent years universally come to imbibe, promulgate and disseminate the core tenets of wokeness.

As “critical race theory” pervades national K-12 education and the “anti-racism” of race-hustling charlatans like Ibram X. Kendi solidifies its beachhead, the idea for such a coalition is rapidly gaining steam. In an Epoch Times essay earlier this week, educator William Brooks argued, in remarkably forthright fashion, that “liberals have only two options to choose from: Either they will dance to the tune of the Marxists and help bring Western democracy to an end, or they will seek to develop a pro-liberty alliance with conservatives.” That choice is just as stark as it is valid.

Those of us on the traditionalist Right must do all we can, in our own unique capacities, to accelerate this trend and welcome left-liberals in with open arms and a warm embrace. The imperative of the moment demands that left-liberals join us in an alliance against the neo-Marxism of wokeness, “cancel culture” and “anti-racism.” The survival of Western civilization, quite literally, depends on it.

Read the whole thing and take action…

Josh Hammer, Newsweek

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