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Freedom Week Online will be held during the week of May 31-June 4.

Institute for Liberal Studies

“I am so glad that I got to broaden my horizons and participate in discussing classical liberal thoughts. No matter your background you can learn something important. Keep an open mind, ask questions and make the best of the experience, you won’t regret it.” – Misha Apel, Western University

Freedom Week is a five-day intellectual adventure that gives participants a chance to explore the classical liberal tradition and the foundations of a free society.

By taking part in Freedom Week you will have an opportunity to learn more about classical liberal ideas in areas like economics, philosophy, politics, law, and public policy from a faculty of distinguished professors.

The curriculum has been designed to engage students who are new to these ideas, as well as those with a bit more experience.

Freedom Week Online will be held during the week of May 31-June 4.

There will be three lectures each day, along with opening and closing sessions and discussion sessions with faculty.

The seminar is open to all students and to non-student observers. All Canadian students who take part in the full conference will receive a $100 Amazon gift card. In order to fully participate in Freedom Week Online students must:

  • Attend the opening session (11am Eastern Time on Monday, May 31)
  • Attend at least 10 talks during the week (there are 15 to choose from)
  • Participate in at least one faculty discussion session

The deadline for registration is May 24, though interested participants are encouraged to register as soon as possible. Students in Canada who register by April 15 will receive a free book.

Register at link ….

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