Monday, January 30, 2023

Happy New Year: Trudeau’s 25% Carbon Tax Increase is Coming Soon!

As all Canadians come out of the Christmas holiday break and early January lockdowns and turn their minds back to work for the new year, we here at CAE are looking at what kind of year 2022 will be for energy affordability.

Sorry folks, but in 2022 energy is going to be much more expensive.  

There are lots of reasons, most of which connect back to the many expensive implications of the green agenda being pushed by Justin Trudeau and his green cronies. Subsidies, regulations, bans, and the many taxes being imposed all add up – sending signals that discourage investment, destabilize markets and hurt customers. 

And the most obvious and public of all these harmful actions is Trudeau’s carbon tax. It will rise 25% effective April 1st, to $50/tonne from the current $40/tonne price. 

$50 dollars a tonne means:

Read more by Dan McTeague at link

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