Saturday, December 2, 2023

FILDEBRANDT: An inside look at Trudeau’s extreme and race-based emergency orders

Oil pipelines are not considered critical infrastructure, and both First Nations & refugees are entirely exempted from arrest & prosecution.

On February 14, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced he would be suspending many of Canadian’s remaining liberties by invoking the Emergencies Act, formerly known as the War Measures Act.

To justify this, Trudeau had to trump up the threat faced by the federal government. To the prime minister, this is not truckers and protestors engaged in civil disobedience, this is a domestic enemy insurgency. To believe these powers are necessary, one has to believe that the threat rises to the levels required during both world wars and the FLQ terrorist campaign.

There has been some chatter among the chattering classes as to if the Trudeau government’s justification meets the thresholds established in the Emergencies Act for invoking it. But there’s been remarkably little chatter about the extreme new powers the government has granted itself.

You’re welcome to read through the official federal Gazette spelling out these new powers for yourself, but if you’ve read this far, allow me to do you the service of summarizing the most important parts and provide some context as to what this means.

Read rest of this article by Derek Fildebrandt at the Western Standard

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