Monday, January 30, 2023

Grandmother, 62, Arrested and ‘manhandled’ in her pajamas – ‘I don’t trust the police not to lie,’

  • Joanne Person, 62, was among the 11 people arrested Monday in Coutts, Alberta, near the Montana border, where police seized a huge cache of weapons
  • Speaking to after a two-day stint in jail, Person recounted how cops ransacked two RVs on her property, slammed her onto a car and cuffed her
  • The grandmother said she ‘was fully in my jammies and in bed’ when Canadian Mounties stormed her single-story home just after midnight on Valentine’s Day
  • The RCMP confirmed they made 11 arrests at the home where they found a large cache of weapons including 13 long guns, handguns, body armor and a machete
  • Person, who had been hosting Freedom Convoy protesters – including two trailers – at her property, was charged with mischief and possession of a weapon
  • But she claims she has no idea where the firearms came from, noting she only has a .22 caliber rifle used to ‘shoot gophers’ that police found in her closet
  • ‘I don’t trust the police not to lie,’ she said. ‘They tried to tell me I’ve got 16 guns in my home. I don’t think for one minute they found those guns here’
  • RCMP described the group as a heavily armed criminal organization and said it was preparing to use force against police if they tried to disrupt the blockade

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