Monday, September 25, 2023

It’s Stephen Harper’s party — and he’ll do what he wants to

Conservative Party will need to evolve, but Harper still defines it as leadership race heats up

Regardless the reasons for his departure from the Fund, it makes no difference. It is still Harper’s party.

It is the electoral coalition that he built that is the foundation of the party – not just nationally, but in provinces like Ontario as well.

Fundraising letters sent on behalf of the party bring in the most money when sent under his name. Most telling, numerous polls demonstrate Harper continues to be the most popular potential leader for the Conservative Party – by far. He would easily achieve a first-ballot victory if he chose to enter the race (which I predict he won’t).

Of course, the Conservative Party will need to evolve. It was a mistake for the Scheer campaign to run on a mildly updated version of the Harper 2015 platform.

But at its core, the conservative electoral coalition is quite strong. And that is thanks to Stephen Harper.

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