Tuesday, January 18, 2022

‘I don’t have anything to add’: Scheer declines to address use of party funds for private school fees

A report commissioned into why the Conservatives didn’t form government in the last election, despite a myriad of challenges for the Liberals, will help guide some of that work, he said Saturday, though parts of it no longer apply.

“This is a report to me, that obviously in many cases is not going to be relevant next time because a lot of it was about me, issues that happened in the campaign and advice to me about what I might want to do differently next time,” he said.

“Clearly, I won’t be leading the party into the next election, so some of those findings are irrelevant, but I will be sharing the key recommendations about structure, some of the lessons learned this time, with the next leader.”

He said issues to work on include how the party recruits candidates and what tools were used in the campaign that weren’t as good as their opponents.


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