Lest he be revealed as a Red Tory retread insider from Eastern Canada whose musings have the depth and originality of a post-game interview about taking it to another level while concentrating on fundamentals, the Post noted that Baird “wants to contribute to creating what he calls ‘a true blue’ agenda that can appeal to voters in all corners of the country.” And I’d also like a pony. Or in this case a unicorn, that fabled socially liberal, fiscally conservative beast that would mesmerize everyone if only we could find the blasted thing.

Given generally dismal Tory results there, Quebec is one corner of the country where “I wish I had friends” isn’t the same as “I have friends” or “I have a plan to make friends.” So the plan would be?

Jason Kenney praised Baird “as an experienced, bilingual, principled Conservative.” Experienced? Unquestionably. Bilingual? Peut-etre, et peut-etre le plan. Mais principled?

In his interview Baird was firmly flexible: “we’ve got to be a modern Conservative party, we’ve got to be true to our Conservative values and principles.” Now “pick a lane” shall not pass my lips. But seriously folks. Modern traditionalism? Redly blue? Hot and cold?