Monday, October 2, 2023

The Conservative Party of Canada must broaden its base

It is critical to look at the dynamic demographic change of our country and where the Conservative Party of Canada and our base is in relation to this change. It is clear we may soon be in such a position as irons, sailing directly into the winds of demography. However, if we are able to effectively expand our base and gain new Conservative voters, we will be able to turn our party around and use the demographic shifts to fill our sails. I am not an identity politics advocate. What I am concerned about, and the purpose of this article, is to make the point that regardless of one’s background, faith, gender, sexual orientation, generation or ethnicity, Canadians must feel welcome on our big Conservative boat. 

But there is a bit of a problem with diversity and inclusion in our party. Currently, one only need look at our caucus during question time to realize that the party does not reflect the composition of modern Canada. Considering the shifting national demographics, this is a serious issue. Following the result of the 2019 federal election, it is evident that we cannot form a government as a party unless we win more seats in the Greater Toronto Area (the “GTA”). The GTA is one of the most diverse regions in the country. According to Canada’s 2016 census, 48.76% of people living in the GTA identify as a visible minority. Having grown up in a diplomatic background and having lived in several different cities and countries, I appreciate how the diversity of the GTA enriches all our lives in ways that can only be experienced in a few other cities in the world. I believe this diversity presents a wonderful opportunity for our party. By expanding, deepening and diversifying our base, we will indeed gain more votes. Just as importantly, we will acquire new volunteers. We will be able to raise more funds. More diverse perspectives will enable us to craft stronger and better policies.

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