Tuesday, January 31, 2023

John Ivison: Address Indigenous rights and land claims or face prospect of a lawless alternative

Justin Trudeau’s statement to the House of Commons on the rail blockade choking the country was condemned as “the weakest response to a national crisis in Canadian history” by Opposition leader Andrew Scheer.

Even many Liberals considered it thin soup – lacking in fortitude and resolve.

Trudeau has been prone to being prone on the blockades. Anyone hoping he’d condemn protests by a tiny minority that threaten real hardship for the vast majority were sorely disappointed.

The prime minister called for more dialogue and rejected the enforcement of the injunctions that Canadian National Railways obtained nearly two weeks ago.

“Patience may be in short supply and that’s what makes it more valuable than ever,” he said.

It all made for an uproarious question period, in which Scheer portrayed the prime minister as someone trying to conciliate a tiger by allowing himself to be eaten.


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