Saturday, December 2, 2023

HARRIS: Patrick Moore shouldn’t have been deplatformed

It’s high time governments stood up to aggressive extremists who insist that only their point of view on climate change should be tolerated in the public square. A great opportunity to start to end this suppression of free speech would have been for the City of Regina to rebuke activists’ attempts to get Dr. Patrick Moore’s keynote speech cancelled at the May 20-21 City of Regina Reimagine Conference 2020.

But they did not. Citing a lack of agreement on the speech content as their excuse, the city buckled under the intense pressure of climate alarmists who demanded Moore be fired as keynote speaker.

Moore was eminently qualified to speak at the city’s sustainability conference this spring. Besides holding a PhD in Ecology from the Institute of Resource Ecology at the University of British Columbia, he was a founding member of Greenpeace and was a driving force shaping the organization while it became the world’s largest environmental activist body. And the fact that, recently, he has focused on sustainability promotion makes him an obvious choice to deliver the keynote presentation at the event.

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