Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Why Are Canada’s Unions Siding With the Government Against Workers?

The Freedom Convoy protests in Ottawa are entering their third week demanding Justin Trudeau lift the vaccine mandate for truckers reentering the country. The convoy and protests, which over the weekend blocked the Ambassador Bridge, a major artery in U.S.-Canadian commerce, is the biggest working-class uprising Canada has seen in a generation. Which makes it all the more notable that Canada’s unions have been completely absent.

Organized labor has by and large opposed the truckers. From the Teamsters to CUPE, Canada’s largest public sector union, to the Steelworkers of Canada, union leadership has sided with the government in supporting Trudeau’s vaccine mandates.

“The so-called ‘freedom convoy’ and the despicable display of hate lead by the political Right and shamefully encouraged by elected conservative politicians does not reflect the values of Teamsters Canada,” the Teamsters said in a statement. “The disruption, bullying, and display of deplorable symbols of hate and bigotry have gone on long enough. It’s time for the mob to go home, and it is time for local authorities in Ottawa to see that they do so peacefully and expediently,” CUPE wrote.

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