Saturday, December 2, 2023

Xi Fidelity: Trudeau’s Basic Dictatorship

For all the talk about ‘foreign financing,’ Trudeau has imported foreign-style authoritarian governance.

By Spencer Fernando, Exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition

We were warned.

Before Justin Trudeau took office, he expressed his support for China’s ‘Basic Dictatorship,’ because it could ‘get things done.’

As he said it, he realized the mask of the hip progressive had slipped, so he quickly tried to cover it up by claiming Stephen Harper would love that kind of power.

But for all the hyperventilating about Harper’s supposed dictatorial tendencies, nothing he did comes even close to what we’ve witnessed from Justin Trudeau. 

No, it was never Stephen Harper who was a wannabe dictator, it was Justin Trudeau.

And here we are.

Following an election in which he ‘won’ the lowest percentage of the popular vote of any party leader to win the most seats (breaking his own ‘record’ from 2019), Justin Trudeau doubled-down and tripled-down on the divisive rhetoric and discriminatory policies he used in the last campaign to narrowly hold on to power.

As the rest of the world and much of Canada has moved towards opening up, ending restrictions, lifting mandates, and getting rid of the vaccine passports, Trudeau went in the opposite direction. 

Trudeau imposed a vaccine mandate on truckers – a solution for a non-existent problem considering there were no issues with truckers spreading covid – clearly wanting to further inflame divisions and cause a new crisis to justify a further authoritarian power grab.

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