Jim Karahalios, a well-known activist in Ontario Progressive Conservative circles (and whose wife Belinda is now Cambridge’s MPP), says he’s close to formally entering the federal leadership race.

“We’re at 1400 signatures,” he told the National Post, referring to the party member endorsements that form part of the entry requirements. Karahalios says he plans to submit all his materials in the next few days, which includes a lengthy questionnaire and a $25,000 fee. After that, the party will have to verify that everything’s in order and potentially interview him before he becomes an official candidate.

Karahalios has battled the Ontario PCs on multiple fronts over the years; he launched a campaign against the carbon tax proposal by former Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown, and alleged that many party nomination contests were run illegally. More recently, Karahalios ran for Ontario PC party president, didn’t win, and then sued the party over allegations of “ballot stuffing” against him.